Apple Processing Report - Benton Harbor, MI
Provided by: Fruit and Vegetable Market News,
             Federal Market News Service, USDA

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Trading is fairly slow for juice and processing grade offerings.  
Prices are unchanged with processing grade apples at mostly 16.00 per 
cwt. while for juice apples range from 11.00-13.00 per cwt. f.o.b. or 
picked up at farm. The Michigan Processing Apple Growers Marketing 
Committee did not negotiate a minimum juice price or for undersize 
process apples for the 2017 season.  

MACMA did negotiate the following processing peeler and canner apple 
prices with several processors for the 2017 crop, 2-1/2 inch and up 
per cwt.: Idared 14.50, Jonagold and Crispin 14.00, hard varieties 
(including Jonathan, Empire and Jonathan) 13.00, soft varieties 
(mostly McIntosh, Red Delicious and summer varieties) 10.50.. 

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Retail prices for Apple Juice and Apple Juice Marked Cider can be 
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