Daily analysis of major pairs for March 13, 2018

Daily analysis of USD/CHF for March 13, 2018


This pair trended southwards on Monday in the context of an uptrend. In the short-term term, the market was moving upwards, but that might be ended once the support level at 0.9400 is breached to the downside. It is also possible that price could move upwards from here, thus saving the short-term bullish trend.

There is a short-term Bullish Confirmation Pattern in the market. There could be further upwards movement, but it will not last long because a considerable amount of pullback is expected this week, owing to a bullish outlook on CHF, which may cause other CHF pairs to go downwards.

Daily analysis of USD/JPY for March 13, 2018


This is a weak market that cannot go seriously upwards. Nothing significant happened on March 12, but a considerable amount of movement may be seen on Tuesday or Wednesday, as volatility arises. The outlook on the market is bearish for this week, just as it is on certain JPY pairs, which are also expected to go downwards.

There is a slight Bearish Confirmation Pattern in the market, which would become stronger as the market goes further downwards. There are demand levels at 106.50, 106.00 and 105.50. Likewise, there are supply levels at 107.00, 107.50 and 108.00.

Daily analysis of EUR/JPY for March 13, 2018


The condition on the EUR/JPY cross remains unchanged. There is a kind of consolidation in the market. The consolidation can continue this week, but a rise in momentum is also expected. When a breakout occurs, it will most likely be in favor of the bear, because the outlook on JPY pairs is bearish for this week.

Generally, there is a Bearish Confirmation Pattern in the market, and it would become clearer as price goes further downwards, owing to a bearish outlook on JPY pairs. Therefore, initial targets may be put at the demand zones of 131.00, 130.50 and 130.00.

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